Thursday, January 31, 2008

An un-refusable offer

A City Centre Churches Together meeting tonight.

Because I didn't look in my dairy before leaving the house, I turned up at Tabernacl, instead of Ebeneser, and felt a right idiot turning up late, but less of an idiot when the next late arrival turned out to have done the same thing.

For once, there was something different for me to report. The City Council's progress chasing exercise under the title 'Countdown 2009', aiming to co-ordinate the multitude of different aspects to the city centre redevelopment process ensuring everyone touched by it is in the know, has decided to have a Faith Communities Focus Group. Hopefully this will be a channel for useful two way communication. I've been asked to chair it. Those who've asked don't know how useless a chair-person I really am, swinging between tyranny and anarchy. Hopefully, if this group gets as far as meeting, I'll be able to pass the mantle to someone more capable and effective than myself.

It's just good that someone somewhere in the corridor(s) of power realises they've got nothing to lose and maybe something to gain from keeping the churches in the picture.

About time too.

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