Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Mental and spiritual refreshment

Started the morning with a school assembly on Jesus the Healer at Tredegarville, then celebrated the regular ten o'clock Mass at St Germans attended by a class of year three children. As the nave altar had not been put in place, we used a lovely vaulted side chapel. Seventeen children and three staff, plus another ten parishioners all squeezed in. The atmosphere was wonderful and the children so naturally quiet and attentive. It was a real pleasure. I then popped in to see Father Roy, recovering from minor surgery yesterday. He was strapped up and in pain, but full of smiles and delighted to have that little ordeal behind him.

Then I went home for a brief spell before heading to church for the midday Eucharist, re-starting after my holiday break, with two new people present. One just never knows who will turn up when the church makes its open invitation.

After lunch, I attended the the second of Archdeacon David Lee's lectures for the City URC adult education programme, called Radical Orthodoxy. He reviewed two centuries history of the rise of secular society. It was beautifully presented, and lively discussion followed. A dozen of us were there, all over 60's, and a complete ecumenical mix, which was excellent, give how very hard the churches find it to organise a single prayer event over and above the ecumenical supper we had last week, to celebrate the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. A symptom of the sad decline of interest on the part of church communities in anything outside of their own field of view.

The lecture stimulated me to return home and continue working on the Lent Lecture series I started writing while I was in Switzerland. I also propose to publish these on a website I'm developing for the purpose of making new material available to a wider audience. David has expressed willingness to allow me to publish his material also, and I have other local creative thinkers in mind as well. I'm calling the site FutureFaith. Early access to it is found here. I'll buy a proper domain name for the site, if I can get more people interested in contributing to it.

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