Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Lord's day at Divonne les Bains

I took Claudine by car to the airport at seven. She was back by eight to collect something she'd forgotten, and have another cup of tea, as her flight had been delayed by an hour.

I took her back to the airport at nine as I made my way out to Divonne for the Anglican morning service held in the Temple de Divonne. There's a brand new noticeboard advertising both the Culte and the Anglican services. The église reformée cannot manage weekly services as they have one pastor for half a dozen churches in the Pays de Gex. They are delighted to share their building and see it used for worship weekly by Anglicans.

The church comfortably holds about sixty, and was over half full. My friend Julia who is their pastor and non-stipendiary priest took the service, and La Côte Chaplain Paul Holly preached. I was pleased to be able to recognise half the faces of people there and even more pleased that there was a new half I didn't know, representing the slow process of building a new worshiping community in a new and unusual context.

This 'church plant' has grown out of the Gingins community I used to serve on the côte Vaudois, since I left. I feel immensely proud of all that they achieved without me.

Now I am back in Meyrin, on my own enjoying a quiet time with the dogs, who are amazingly well behaved, considering ....

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