Tuesday, January 08, 2008

First outing

Valdo returned on the first train from Baulmes and then the bus from Ste Croix, while I was still attempting to wake up a second time, having risen before dawn to try and capture the awesomely clear view with my camera lens, and failed. After breakfast we were early out on the piste by ten o'clock, with a ground temperature of around minus four.

Under clear blue skies, conditions were perfect, and out first outing was eleven kilometres, and we both paid with exhuastion for our enthusiasm, and slept after lunch. I fell and landed hard on my shoulder going at speed, quite relaxed on a long icy gradient,  hitting an unavoidable dip in the smooth icy trace which sent me flying. It didn't spoil the pleasure of the outing, however, but after our siesta and a stroll around a quiet frosty village, we settled for a quiet evening of doing very little. Much needed.

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