Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Knowing when enough is enough

Either indigestion or quiet worry woke me up and half past three, wondering about whether I'd done enough to put the affairs of Cardiff Business Safe in sufficient good order to hand over the auditor. I ended up donning my dressing gown and descending to the study, and working until five, before I was both satisfied and drowsy enough to resume sleep.

In those quiet focussed moments I decided this is the moment to quit as Company Secretary having done as much as lies within my competence to sort out the problems caused by a year of administrative neglect. So, before I went back to be, I emailed one of the Directors to let him know to start recruiting someone fresh to help out. Clare was pleased when I told her at breakfast time.

I was due to meet the accountant at eleven, but he rang and postponed the meeting until Thursday, so I took the necessary dossier over to his office in Pontnewydd straight away, so that I could draw a line under my decision and keep to it, rather than have another Board meeting to attend. There's still plenty of other business stuff to be done in my life.

I returned home to meet a couple with a one year old boy, wanting both to get married and have the lad Christened. Working out how to manage two such family events in the course of a few days will be interesting!

Then the phone started ringing as news about my resignation reached others also closely involved. By the time I'd finished I was already an hour late for a trip out to Wenvoe to visit Sue and Peter, and sort out the 2007 window guard fund-raising account, ready for audit. Thankfully, it was a nice straightforward job, accompanied by good conversation, tea and sandwiches. Quite a change from the Company stuff I've been trying unsuccessfully to get straight with a huge dearth of correct information for the past three months.

The most I can say is that the latter experience has given me some new insights into the demands of work within the business realm, and I am grateful for that. It is after all, part of my job to try and understand these things and reflect on them for the benefit of the church and others.

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