Friday, February 01, 2008

Change at school

Apparently, the news last week of the retirement of Tredegarville School's caretaker, who lives on site, was leaked to the local miscreant factions before its was made known to the world. Her appearance in the Council's Housing application office was duly noted by locals.

The result was that over the weekend several thousand pounds of infant playground equipment was stolen, and staff working late threatened by local gang members turning up to stake a claim, or whatever else they do, before forces of law and order were summoned from form filling to reassert community ownership of school property.

Nothing like this has happened in thirty years of local school life, in contrast to what happens in other poor areas of the city. Worrying indeed.

The Diocesan Director of Education and the Diocesan Secretary came to school this afternoon to review the situtation, and work out with the acting Head Teacher - the Head is on leave - where to go from here.

The next step is a full review of security, bearing in mind that the next caretaker appointed may not want to live in the isolated house on the school site which goes with the job. The house and the school have to be secured to ensure they can remain fully in use. There may be troubled times ahead, and they will be expensive, that's for sure. Thankfully those responsible within the Diocese for managing school affairs are more than capable of making progress on this.

After the meeting I was glad to escape to Kenilworth for 24 hours to spend time with my lovely grand-daughter, nearly four already!

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