Saturday, January 12, 2008

Last day

Another day of beautiful weather, and another ski outing on the same piste as yesterday, although not quite so far, only nine kilometres, so we weren't quite so tired when we got back for lunch. Valdo returned home to fetch the car, as we were forewarned of snow during the night, which would have meant a difficult trip to fetch us down for Valdo's utterly patient wife. He returned by nightfall, and I prepared a 'last supper', using all the ingredients we had left, leaving us with only an excess of fruit to carry back to Baulmes with us. Late evenings this week, I've taken the opportunity to do some writing in preparation for Lent, and found the quite and relaxation stimulating to thought. I've written five of six addresses, and hardly noticed the effort. It must be all the oxygen and exercise. Half way through writing the fifth, I looked out the the window and realised that the far off snow clouds had swiftly moved in under the cover of dark, and already the bare grass patches beyond the terrace of our apartment (set into the hillside) were white with an inch of snow. Enchanting!

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