Friday, January 25, 2008

Days when nothing seems to work

A visit to the University this morning to review progress on gathering and processing Spiritual Capital survey data. Really there seems to have been no progress in January, apart from the receipt of half a dozen more questionnaires. The supplementary 'Ask Cardiff' questionnaire reports will be received mid-Feb. We'll close the process at the same time to permit analysis to start on a fixed target body of data. It looks as if we have a return rate of over 33%, taking into account the returned mails. The spread of responses is still a bit thin where Anglicans are concerned however, but that's all part of the picture, I guess. At least this morning we've fixed a date for a closing conference, 21st May. Two months late. My plan had the project completed entirely by 31st March.

After the midday Eucharist, I visited the city centre management office a third time this week to check for mail. The Bank has finally sent us some of the statement I ordered. Companies House has issued the CBS directors with another threatening letter, and told us on the phone that our 2006 submission has been rejected yet again, although I've not yet been informed of the reason. Their process finds one fault at a time and rejects documents, rather than inspecting the lot in one go and giving a complete picture, so it's a perpetual guessing game - will I get it right this time? So inefficient and unhelpful to the client, who has to pay for every document submission and live under threat of dire punishment. I used to think fundamentalist religion was bad, but this legal monster is a daunting beast. Sometimes I wonder.

I know they have a job to do and have to regulate very complex and often dodgy dealings, but the difficulties of procedures which relate equally to giant corporations as to small businesses is that those with limited resources and know how struggle. I better understand better now why Anto is reluctant to register his profitable little enterprise at Companies House, and relies on hard work and good housekeeping alone to earn his keep and pay the mortgage. It's less risky to pay your way and expand carefully, without debt, than it is to get caught in the jaws of banks and government bureaucracy.

Clare left a box of choccies on my computer in honour of Santes Dwynwyn's Day - the Welsh equivalent of Saint Valentine. I hadn't registered. According to the Church in Wales Calendar today's the Conversion of St Paul.

Checked my blood pressure before bed, and it's still up. Stress? For sure, chocolates notwithstanding.

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