Saturday, February 09, 2008

Match day

I don't know where the week went really, but whatever filled it, I was still left with a documents to prepare and photocopy for a church council meeting tomorrow. It meant that I wasn't able to go and wander around the first aid posts in the Millennium Stadium on a Match Day - one of my New Year's resolutions broken. I was pretty fed up about it, especially as Wales won. It was eerily quiet on the streets during the match, as I machine minded in the church office. Then, when it was all over there was a slowly rising bubble of excitement, and when I emerged, lots of smiling facts in red shirts out on the streets. I cheered myself up by going around the SD2 site perimeter and taking photos to post on the photo-blog.

During the evening Clare and I watched a DVD of a Welsh filmic masterpiece about life in Russia at the end of the soviet era, entitled 'Gadael Lenin', using Russian, Welsh and English. Beautiful craftsmanship. It's so rare I watch a film or TV nowadays, it's great to have such a treat.

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