Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Global village heartache

It's been wonderful to have Rachel and Jasmine with us since the weekend, to see at first hand how Jasmine has developed over the past three months. She's walking confidently, curious about everything, and needs a great deal of watching. Yesterday, we went out to Peter and Sue's place in Wenvoe to see their donkeys. Back in St Martin, Jasmine is used to different looking creatures - she loves animals, and has already enjoyed her first pony ride at 15 months. Amazing to see her on the back of Rhiannon's rocking horse last Saturday, making clicking hooves noises and rocking back and forth with the movement, not at all nervous. Wonderful to see. Today, however was their last with us, as they fly to Canada tomorrow. It's not easy to say goodbye when they go so far away, web-cams and emails notwithstanding. The global village is still a big place, full of heartaches for those separated from their loved ones by work opportunities or marriages to foreigners.

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