Saturday, February 23, 2008

Big time juggling

Already the work of redecorating the south aisle of the church is approaching completion. So there was a site meeting yesterday morning of contractors with architect and church officers, to prepare for the next stage - redecorating the north aisle. The scaffolding in the south aisle will have to be taken down in stages and stored while furnishings are removed into temporary storage from the north aisle in order to free up the room to erect scaffolding for the work to be done. It would be more effective and less expensive if all this can managed without needing to take the scaffolding kit out of the building. Working out how to do this was the purpose of the meeting. After an hour, a solution had been devised with which all were satisfied. The take down and set up work will happen next week.

Even fewer people turned up for the Friday version of the Lent talk - three in fact. However, repeating the talks on a Sunday evening has meant that the combined live audience, so far, has been roughly the same, around twenty. If people are happier to turn up Sunday nights, then maybe that's the optimal time to put on talks. We just don't have a weekday 'market' for this kind of event any longer. It's not as if there have been any suggestions about alternative dates from anyone.

After the talk, I took the train up to the Midlands to stay with Kath and Anto overnight and join their daughter Rhiannon for her fourth birthday celebration, with the added pleasure of meeting up with our other grand-daughter Jasmine and her parents, over from St Martin for a couple of weeks. A lovely family re-union with a birthday party for kids in the local church hall in Kenilworth on Saturday afternoon. Pity about the drive home in the dark at the end of the day, to be back ready for an early Sunday morning start.

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