Monday, February 04, 2008

More changes on the way

This year's Lent starting so early, we kept Candlemass yesterday rather than the Sunday before Lent, with its Transfiguration readings. I wasn't difficult to talk about both and link the themes, however.

I heard about a school (not one that I'm connected with), where a note sent to parents informed them of the school's forthcoming assembly of the Candlemass theme, explaining that it commemorated "the arrest of Jesus in the Temple".

I wonder which version of the Liturgy or Bible that comes from?

Already in God on Mondays, we're facing Lent, I told the story of the temptations today. Quite a challenge to work with directly for a bunch of children under ten.

This was followed by a Governors' meeting, at which a letter from Glenys the head teacher was read out, announcing her retirement at the end of summer term. Everyone was a bit stunned. She's built a superb teaching team working tightly together in the most difficult, and ever changing circumstances in an area of the city which has been a portal for migrant workers for more than a century. So now for the second time in two years, I'm involved in another Head Teacher's appointment process.

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