Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine Transfigured

Tom and Marilyn came to the eight o'clock this morning before heading off after breakfast to visit their daughter in Porthcawl for lunch, so there were eight of us - a rarity these days.

At the Sung Eucharist, Andrew preached, managing to get St Valentine in, as well as addressing the Transfiguration theme in a useful way. Afterwards I chatted with a young couple preparing to wed during the summer. They've moved in locally and started attending church chez nous a couple of months ago. Huw comes from Crickhowell and remembers my contemporary Brian Bessant who was Vicar there for two periods either side of a spell in Cyprus back when he was young. Alex his fiancée is wondering about confirmation, so I made her an offer, to be our third parish candidate for 28th February. Having attended a convent school she has the kind of background which means she isn't coming to this from scratch. I don't think it will be too difficult to bring her forward confident that this is her right time and occasion. To see it as preparation for getting married is something special.

There's a lot of good things happening just now, despite the sadness of losing Margaret. This week another step towards re-paving the south churchyard entrance path was made with the arrival of an estimate for the work. It could be done before Easter, though not before the Lord Mayor's annual St David's day service. That's one job I will be glad to have closure on before I retire.

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