Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Bus stop saga - at last a map!

A meeting for Paul Hocking and myself this afternoon down the Bay at the offices of HANR, to discuss next steps for developing the Street Carers training programme. We came away with dates for basic training sessions and a couple of advance sessions that will see us through the rest of this year. It was good to hear that the Council's emergency cold weather provision for street people had worked to the satisfaction of those in charge.

I had an email from the Disability Access Focus group team requesting feedback on two current bus transport information publications. Finally, six months after the fateful re-location of all the bus stops entering and leaving the city centre, and three months after seeing the proposed format for a map locating bus stops using a destination index, the map itself is being published, and at the same time comment on its usability sought from disabled passengers and other interested parties. Having struggled to read existing bus stop information while standing at a distance in a shelter with people in it, it struck me that this cannot be easy from the vantage point of wheelchair users, and that the print size on the posters needed to be large. But with a good fifty or so places in the destination index, it would mean a huge poster for genuine readability. We'll see what the producers come up with.

A bundle of pocket bus stop maps arrived in church for general distibution today, plus some revised posters for the free circular shuttle bus, which continues to rattle around empty in its twenty minute orbit around the centre. What a waste of resources, and of a good idea, poorly delivered, with little though to the real needs of bus users whose new departure points had been re-located with information sufficient only to baffle and confuse.

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