Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sack cloth fun

I stood in for Father Roy Doxsey at the 'class mass' and school assembly this morning, in order to allow him to get away for a few days respite. I improvised a brief introduction to the practice of Ash Wednesday, which will be next week during half term, using a green re-cycling sack, as a way into talking about 'sackcloth and ashes'. The sack, was draped over the shoulders to represent us feeling rubbish about ourselves. The bag wasn't big enough to climb into. Over the head in any way shape or form was absolutely out. It seemed to keep their attention and raise some smiles of recognition from the teachers. I enjoyed doing something I hadn't done before.

Half term will present both problems in taking two Saturday afternoons for Confirmation classes, when families may need to be getting away together, but also opportunities, if it's possible to find free time for a longer weekday seesion. Let's hope so anyway, as this weekend we have guests for the opera, and next week is Rhiannon's sixth birthday, and I'm the one that would like to be away. However, it looks as if the same is true for the others involved as well. We're working on a day that starts in church with a sanctuary and sacristy tour (laced with some history), followed by an outing to St Fagans and Llandaff Cathedral. Let's hope the weather is merciful.

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