Tuesday, February 16, 2010

House moving

Half of Monday, plus Tuesday evening I spent ferrying car loads of Owain's belongings from our Meadow Street abode to his new shared house off City Road. Over a ton of vinyl records, at my estimate, plus his recording equipment. The house has to be cleared so that the builders can work on installing the new kitchen and sanding the floors we want to restore. There's lots of junk to clear out as well.

Amanda and James came over from Bristol to spend a couple of nights with us. It's nice having such a well mannered and polite teenager in the house, who is curious about many things. He and I went out for walks in Bute Park and across the barrage, while Clare and Amanda started to do some sorting of the remainder of stuff left by Owain, for chucking out or re-cycling via the charity shops.

In between times I had a go at recording the first of my Lent Talks to turn into a podcast. The equipment worked fine, but feeling a bit under pressure, keen to get something done before Ash Wednesday, ready for the weekend, I made hard going of simply delivering the text coherently into a microphone. This means it takes that much longer to edit. Well, I guess it's a year since I did the last lot, and I'm out of practice. It gets easier once there's one complete.

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