Sunday, February 28, 2010

Confirmation Day

This morning for a change I preached briefly and directly to the three confirmation candidates present at the Parish Eucharist. The confirmation was at St Margaret's at the same time as our evening service. This proposed a dilemma for me as I was meant to deliver my second Lent Talk at that hour, but wanted to be with the candidates.

However, I had the idea last Sunday of asking Pauline to deliver it for me, and she agreed, so I was able to join the confirmands. Such a treat to present two children and one adult in the months just before I retire. That's three adults and two children altogether within four months. These are the first candidates since St John's and Cathays separated into two parishes, and they were well supported by family friends and members of the congregation.

The church was full. Bishop David delivered the third original confirmation sermon I have heard from him in three services. Andrew, looking after St John's, emailed me later to say how superbly Pauline had delivered my Lenten address.

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