Sunday, February 21, 2010

The alternative to bi-location

After the morning services and lunch, I had the two junior confirmation candidates for an hour's session before we went together to St Margaret's for a rehearsal. There will be twentyone candidates from Roath and three from St John's. I really enjoyed sitting and listening to the Vicar Fr Stuart Lisk taking the candidates gently through the choreography of the occasion, nice not to have to think about it, but just soak in the atmosphere, reflectively, prayerfully.

Then, it was back to St John's for Compline and the first Lent Talk. I've been puzzling for a past week about what to do next Sunday night, when I have to be present for the Confirmation at the same time as Compline, and so will not be able to deliver it in person. Should I rig the church public address system to relay the podcast? Or get someone to read it for me? Then, it occurred to me to ask Pauline, who enjoys the spoken word as much as she enjoys singing. I was delighted that she graciously accepted the challenge - I hope the sentences I've strung together make sense for her as they do for me. Sometimes I have to re-read my own stuff several times to get the rhythm and punctuation correct. I hope it'll be an experience everyone enjoys.

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