Friday, February 19, 2010

Podcast time again

An overnight trip for us to Kenilworth this afternoon, to celebrate Rhiannon's sixth birthday. She has a family celebration tomorrow, then all her little school friends on Sunday afternoon. Having not seen her since Christmas, the changes in her over a couple of months are more obvious. Schooling agrees with her, and she produced a lovely welcome card for us, with carefully executed designs, showing dexterity and powers of concentration.

Anthony was fresh back from a London trade show where he'd been promoting his soundtrack music business, talking about the problems he'd been having with his re-vamped, stylish website. Although definitely more user friendly, its very size now means that consistency checking every one of several hundred links is a long laborious process. Been there, done that, I thought, now I'm recording and uploading new podcasts of my Lent Talks for this year, trying to get them all done uploaded to the web server and scheduled to display a new one for public download each week of Lent. The number of errors I can make in executing such a modest routine task is utterly bothersome. I should have learned to touchtype decades ago. By the way, the podcast link is here

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