Friday, August 07, 2009

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Yesterday being our 43rd wedding anniversary, we went out to dinner, trying out Milgi's on City Road, where Owain does some dee-jaying. It's a little younger and trendier than the sort of restaurant that immediately attracts our attention, but Owain recommended the food, with justification.

It's more of a cocktail bar with excellent cuisine. It has one wall mounted with a series of video screens, which host a variety of audo visual arts presentations. A bit distracting from conversation if you're rather close to them, as we inadvertently were, but on this occasion, exhibiting some intereresting material in the form of a twin cities photo slide show, of well known street characters in Cardiff, and in Tiblisi, Georgia, shot by a photographer who knows well how to engage with the subject.

Now at last I've seen an acceptable sized screen on which I could mount an exhibition of my own photos of the past three years of redevelopment work in the city center. I've promised myself I'd do an exhibition, and this method certainly seems to be the best, as long as the screen is adequately sized, but not so obtrusive as to capture attention and distract people from their rightful focus when they come into a church. Now where might I acquire something that expensive, on a temporary basis, I wonder?

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