Monday, August 24, 2009

Uses for imagination

On my journeys to and from church during the day, I on noticed a small change had taken place recently in Greyfriars Road. There's a T-junction opposite the Hilton Main entrance, with a slip road that links it with Stuttgartstrasse. The slip road is flanked by shiny aluminium posts at approx 10ft intervals. Since I've been in Cardiff, there's arely been a time when either or both of the two posts nearest the left corner of the junction haven't been bent at an angle, knocked down or simply sheared off by the impact of an inattentive driver. This happens to none of the other posts on either side, just these two. It's been such a consitent annoyance it not hazard over the years, (especially when the posts have been damaged but unremoved) it suggests a design deficiency in the junction layout.

Well, for the time being at least, the problem has been solved. The post holes have been filled in with cement, so that they cannot be re-used. Will the junction layout be changed eventually? We'll wait and see. I'd love to know how much has been spent on replacing bent and broken posts this past seven years.

Much of my day was spent preparing materials for the USPG photo exhibition. All the pictures arrived on Saturday morning. After listening to 'The Archers', I returned to church to unpack and mount them, in the peace and quiet of the church behind locked doors, and under the setting sun. Quite an enjoyable and creative task, which gave me much satisfaction.

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