Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Countdown continues

The last Countdown 2009 executive was cancelled because it was due to take place on the first day of the Ashes Test Match. I suspect some key council officials involved in the meeting were on a jolly that day. Needless to say, I failed to absorb the fact of cancellation, whether by inattention to a meesage received, or because I didn't receive one, so I turned up at County Hall, on time, and felt like a fool to be there when nobody else was. Ah well, this time, I was early and first there, but the meeting was in the diary, and everyone else turned up punctually.

The meeting reported back on the various issues and sticking points in making progress towards the launch targets set for the shopping centre and John Lewis department store. With so much still to put in place in relation to public transport, this inevitably dominated the agenda. I was able to make my final report on the Faith Focus Group's deliberations at the conclusion of its work, and make certain to announce and get noted the date of the formal celebration of the conclusion of the redevelopment work, planned at St John's for the evening of November 22nd.

This won't be my last Countdown meeting, as I am continuing to attend the transport and public realm sub-group, more as an observer than a contributor now, but also because I can give some feedback from the streets, with an interest in seeing everything work well, for the good of the city and its citizens.

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