Monday, August 03, 2009

Patient patience

A little good cheer today, with a final appointment at the Heath Hospital concerning my kidney stone, successfully discharged back in January. There was nothing unexprected to report from the path lab analysis of the stone. The dietary advice offered was 'moderation and balance in all things'. A satisfactory conclusion to one part of the story.

The occasion when the shifting stone first came to attention, was a heavy night time nose bleed over a year ago. The night-time nose bleeds still happen though less frequently, so the problem has not gone away. My GP requested an E.N.T. specialist examination last month. I've just had a letter acknowledging the request informing me that as a non-urgent request, it will be advanced to a waiting list, and eventually I'll be given an appointment date. Let's hope that the problem will also have sorted itself out in the meanwhile.

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