Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What happened to the trees?

The demolition of the David Street car park to make way for the entrance road to the new St David centre parking is almost complete. I went around to take pictures this afternoon, and was shocked to discover that clearance of the site meant the taking down of the five trees which had been shielding the car park, on the side of the street opposite the Job Centre.(See here) The entire car park had been taken down without the trees being touched, which certainly gave me hope that they might be integrated into the new car park approach road, but no. They were simply ripped out by one of the demolition machines, judging by the damaged trunk sticking out above the fence like a broken tooth. (See here) It was a great disappointment.

To some architects and engineers trees are just decoration, no more than street furniture, to be deployed and disposed of at will, rather than living things to be respected and worked with as far as possible. All the cherry trees along the Hayes, suffered a similar fate during the demolition of Oxford House. Those were planted in large containers to inhibit their growth and curb the roots, so they could have been removed intact and redeployed with a little effort. No doubt cost is the mantra used to anaesthetise conscience against such a wanton act. Nature will find its own way of paying us back, sooner or later.

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