Sunday, August 16, 2009

Paintings and pictures on show

After a successful launch on Thursday evening, Keith Hall's exhibition of paintings is attracting a steady stream of visitors, and so far, a dozen sales - proceeds to charity. I've taken photos of most of the paintings on display and posted them here for interest. He has a mastery of the impressionist style and use of colour, and his observant images capture far more than any but the greatest photographs can depict. Keith, with assistance from a few others, looks after the exhibition during church opening hours, making the church extra friendly and welcoming to visitors.

This week I shall be making the final preparation for an exhibition of photographs taken by Leah Gordon, a freelance documentary photographer who works for USPG. When Keith's paintings come down next weekend, thirty photographs will go up in their place, grouped around meditations I have written. The photos are usually presented in promotional displays which have been the backbone of the Society's public information campaigns for the past thirty or more years. However, their high quality merits them being looked at for their own sake, and to my mind, used for spiritual reflection and meditation, so this is an experiment, to show what can be achieved - one made easier by their portability and the ease with which modern photographic prints can be mounted for display, unlike the kit I had to lug around when I worked for USPG back in the middle eighties.

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