Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Archbishop to tea

Archbishop Barry came to St John's this afternoon to launch the USPG photo exhibition, and have tea with those who'd turned up to welcome him, a dozen in all. It was a relaxed occasion for us all, and a chance for me to converse with others about pictures I'd selected for display. A superb and varied collection they are too. It was good to know others appreciated them as much as me. We are all amused that Archbishop Barry looked at a photograph of a man holding up a couple of fish, and said with a wry smile "That reminds me of the occasion when I was taken piranha fishing up the Amazon." I pointed out that he was without realising looking at a photo of an Amazonian fisherman taken from one of the display packs about the region. Pauline did us proud. Having agreed to do tea and biccies, we ended up being provided with scones, jam 'n cream, plus sandwiches. All of which made up for the rainy day outside. I wish it wouldn't rain when we have a special event.

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