Saturday, October 10, 2009

TalkTalk trouble (again)

The free three month MacAffee anti virus trial that came with my new desktop computer expired today. It's been effective and unobtrusive in action, not not free to continue to use. My ISP subscription to TalkTalk pays for F-Secure anti virus cover for three computers, so today was re-installation day. A nominal chore. However, in this age of wizardry, the anti-virus installer told me that my three subscriptions were already used, evidently incapable of recognising that I had uninstalled the anti-Virus program from the computer as part of decommissioning, and that as a result it had not been accessing updates for three months. The access key for all three machines in my possession now inconveniently has to be exchanged, and the means of obtaining an exchange was by no means obvious either from F-Secure's website or TalkTalk's. At 11.00am, I sent an urgent request via their very fiddly webmail, giving my account details. I had received nothing in response by 5.00pm, so I used the email address by which TalkTalk delivered the original key to me.

This evening, I preached for the Welsh Livery Guild's annual installation service, at St John's and afterwards Clare and I joined the Guild for their annual installation banquet in City Hall. It was a grand affair with lots of ceremony and speech making, and the food was good. It was 11.45pm when we got home. I checked my email, and there had been no response from TalkTalk while we were out. I wonder how long it will take to get anything from them? Watch this space.

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