Sunday, October 18, 2009

Half Marathon on St Luke's Day

Cardiff's half marathon race this morning brought eleven thousand runners to the streets of the city centre, road closures, and traffic chaos. I cycled in for the eight o'clock Eucharist, but nobody else turned up, reluctant to negotiate an obstacle course to get to church.

The regular congregation at ten o'clock, was much diminished, although several people arrived a lot later than usual, during the service. However, the congregation turned out to be larger than usual, because there was a coach party in town from the Wrexham district, and many came to church, including a Vicar and his parishioners from Johnstown. Whether it had been unable to leave on time because of the race closures, or had planned to leave late enough to allow peope to come to worship I'm not sure, but we were glad to share our celebration of St Luke's Day with a goodly number.

City centre streets were crowded earlier than usual with post-event runners, taking advantage of their visit, some of them not all that well mannered, evidently tired after their exertions, but drawn in by the allure of John Lewis' welcome.

I ran the Bristol Marathon thirty years ago. That was on a Sunday too, but the starting time enabled me to celebrate the eight o'clock Mass before getting into my running kit and heading for the start line. The Gloucester marathon, which I ran the following year was on a Saturday. The Sunday after was as tough as any race with all the aches and pains I'd acquired. It was pleasing to raise my fitness level that much for a while, but it's not something that I've wanted to repeat since. Now, I'd just like to get my weight down to a level where running any modest distance would not wreak havoc in my leg joints. It's something I wouldn't have give a second thought to a few years ago. Time marches on.

I learned this morning that Vanessa's lorry, being used for local distribution runs around Prstina has broken down. It's fixable, but this adds a day to their stay in effect. They had a team get together last night, at which Vanessa sang, as we'd expect her to. I'm looking forward to her stories, and the photos.

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