Sunday, October 25, 2009

All in the timing

For once on a Saturday night I slept well, perhaps due to all that fresh Oxwich air yesterday afternoon and the advantage of the extra hour's sleep. At eight o'clock we had a young women from Nantes, Cardiff's twin town as a visitor. She's here on a short course at the University. Then at the Sung Eucharist we had a young woman from Hyderabad, a nurse studying management in UWIC, newly arrived. It was good to welcome Vanessa back unscathed from her aid convoy journey to Kosovo this morning. I look forward to all the stories when she's caught up on her sleep. She'll have just about got used to Central European time in two weeks of travelling, and within a day of going back an hour, gone back another hour with the end of summer time. Not quite as bad as losing time and having to make do with less sleep.

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