Monday, October 05, 2009

Promise kept

I received an email from Steven Madeley, St David's Shopping Centre manager, to tell me that the centre's Quiet (aka prayer) Room is now ready for a preview visit by potential end-users. This was an initiative the Faith Focus Group proposed before it disbanded back in July. So, it meant that finally I could ask Sue Garwood the trusty FFG secretary to contact some interested parties and arrange the visits, and keep the promise made earlier. I'll be pleased to see the facility eventually for myself, but for the time being it will be better to make sure that members of other faith communities which might want to pray in the course of a day's shopping (or working in retail) receive an opportunity and offer their own feedback to the developers.

Work on completing the public realm refurbishment and fitting out shops is speeding ahead now. Changes are visible on a daily basis. St David's Centre is fully engaged in its publicity campaign, but the work on the streets, glimpsed by passers by is itself a kind of advertisement, generating more interest. I'm so glad I've been around to see the whole project through from start to finish.

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