Sunday, October 04, 2009


It was good to welcome Andrew and Sarah Highway and their children to worship today. Harvest Festival seems to have taken many people by surprise. Routine publication of dates in Parish Magazine and weekly bulletin doesn't guarantee that everyone will be remember, as there is little in our city centre social environment to remind us of this. Even those with regular contact with the schools will come across different Harvest celebrations from the last in September to the middle of October - the date is whatever is convenient in the midst of the rest of the autumnal educational busyness.

I took this occasion as an opportunity to tell people about the recent climate change conference, as a rather negative harvest from misusing earth's resources. Not much cheer, but a necessary matter to keep within one's attention span. Church plans to install geothermal heating are making slow progress. Inevitably there's caution on the part of the Representative Body about making sure we get value for money at every stage. Just as well really. It's vital that it's a success. The long term sustainability of a church in the heart of the city depends upon it, as much as it does on attracting new worshippers and new tea room clients.

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