Friday, October 09, 2009

An imaginative cure for slovenliness

Many times and oft have I griped about the discarded rubbish that despoils our streets, and our churchyard. The Big Issue salesman at the corner of the churchyard on Working Street yesterday had spiked two styrofoam fast food containers and a cup on our railings. As I was outside clearing a few cans, bottles and ciggy packs, I walked up behind him and removed the containers from the railings. He heard the noise, turned round and said shamelessly. "Uh, I was just waiting until the bin man came past." "Can't you use the bin" I said; "It's only ten yards away." Then I bit my lip, and renounced giving him more of a hard time. I got yellow curry grease on my fingers that neeed soap to remove, and was not amused.

Nevertheless, my spirits were much lifted by a Swedish video clip I found on one of the tech blogs this morning.

Now here's something that's fun to help keep Cardiff tidy. 72 kilos of rubbish deposited per day as opposed to 31kilos in a conventional bin. That's got to be worth campaigning for. In fact, I've just written to my local Councillor about it.

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