Saturday, March 15, 2008

What did you do on Grand Slam day grandpa?

Wales won the Rugby Grand Slam today. I admit I'm pleased, It will be good for business and for morale, although I find match post-mortems are ridiculously boring time wasting affairs, clogging up the news channels. And despite the valiant effort made to clean the streets after a night of heavy revelling in the rain, the church yards will have acquired even more rubbish by tomorrow morning when I arrive to open up at eight o'clock.

I could have gone to the stadium today and visited the ambulance teams and shared a little in their joys and sorrows, but there was something much more pressing to do. Five Good Friday addresses for the Three Hours service - all of them needing to be written, soon. As an act of self discipline, I worked without having the radio on, and didn't consult the news feeds until I had finished the job. Such a pleasure that they won without my presence, or my cheers.

As I am home alone at the moment, and as it was raining, I stayed in all day and wrote, browsing the fridge for snacks rather than making a proper meal (naughty), but achieving what I set out to do. As a result I feel just a bit more in control of the coming week. Twenty services to do between now and Easter Monday, when I have a baptism to do, on the only date both grannies can make it. Knowing this, and how much it would mean to them (as it does to me), I decided that the rigorist approach, (during Sunday services only) glorifies only the rules. I just hope I won't be too exhausted to show a little paschal exuberance.

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