Friday, March 14, 2008

Palm parade rap gig

Up early, to take Clare to the 6.35am bus on the first leg of her journey to visit Rachel and family in Fairmont Hot Springs, British Columbia. I couldn't get back to sleep so I was at my desk for a couple of hours working on data compilation for the Spiritual capital project, before visiting Tredegarville school for an assembly.

We anticipated Palm Sunday with the telling for the story of Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem and distribution of palm crosses to 200 children, teachers and parents. After I was asked about the assembly format by Kelly the teacher responsible for getting her class involved in running it, I wrote a few verses in rap format, and proposed that she asked her kids to try it out. Which they did. Wonderfully. What else can I say?

You should have been there to see Kelly's 30 seven year olds working well together and having fun. Several of the more articulate members of the class took it in turn to rap the verses and imitiate the execrable posture and pronunciation of American street poets. It was sheer delight, and made my day. I loved their enthusiasm.

My last Lenten Future Faith talk attracted the same number, and the Eucharist was as well attended as usual despite the difficulties of access presented by a church still in the throes of transition from having the south aisle painted to having the north aisle painted. In fact there is a hiatus at the moment, caused by the need to re-surface the parquet in the south aisle chapel, suffering from years of neglect. Hopefully all will be achieved and the place made a lot tidier and quieter in time for the end of Holy Week next week.

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