Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Cleaning up Cardiff

I attended today the inaugural meeting of a City Council work group on the issue of 'Clean City'. It's one of three such groups I'm part of in connectiPost Optionson with all the preparations for the opening of the redeveloped city shopping centre for trade at the end of 2009.

I guess I've nagged enough about problems caused by litter thrown into the churchyard. Now I have an opportunity to work with others equally concerned about tacking the issue. Group members were very forthright about, not only the litter, but the dirtiness of the streets, with so much trodden in chewing gum, and pavements soiled by the deposit of so many greasy fast food wrappers. At least the new paving in Caroline Street, the heartland of Cardiff's chip shops, has shown lately that it comes up a treat after a good hot wash. Good news for those overseeing the work of re-paving the public realm, which is under way outside the Cathedral, and just about to start in St John Street.

Straight away, as far as I am concerned, there's the matter of insufficient rubbish bins in and around the church. There were two around the whole 250 yard perimeter of the church grounds. One got smashed and was then taken away without being replaced a couple of weeks ago after an evening of drunken pranks. We need at least five to encourage everyone to use them. Few can be bothered to carry their rubbish more than ten yards. The new Head of Cleansing said she'd look into it. What a nightmare of a job she has - so many people complaining! The last Head of Cleansing went off sick and didn't return.

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