Thursday, March 13, 2008

Caught out

It was such a damp day. After the Eucharist I promised mself I'd take an hour to collect rubbish from the various churchyards, but courage failed me in the face of the weather. Instead, I set to and spended two hours or so machine minding, having mastered 'Booklet creation' on the photocopier, and being faced with the task of creating a hundred or more copies of the final annual report 2006 for Central Cardiff Parish, delayed for a whole year by difficulties, nightmares, in fact, getting the accounts fully audited.

I also took the opportunity to get Sunday worship materials done in advance, and the vital Holy Week publicity posters and leaflets. Having achieved all this to my pleasure, I stupidly locked myself out of the sacristy, leaving keys, hat, raincoat and bicycle locked inside. I had keys to get into the choir vestry and use the phone there, but could raise nobody to bale me out, so I had to walk home in the rain without a coat, pick up the car and drive out to Allan's to borrow his keys, then return to church to pick up my gear, switch off the computer and lock up. It was half past six when I got home finally, having finished my jobs before four.

Note to self. If I can't get the historical sliding catch lock exchanged for one that works with one of the two master keys for most of the locks, I must hide a spare key somewhere safe and accessible. The full set of church keys required to access all areas still weighs a pound and hangs heavy in my bum-bag. Oh for a caretaker to relieve me of this burden!

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