Monday, December 21, 2009

The shortest day

With the temperatures hovering around zero, and the streets icy, we felt quite nervous about taking to the roads in our posh hire car, and went out everywhere on foot. As many organsations seem to have shut down already for Christmas, the on street car parking was as quiet as a Sunday until late morning, when it filled with shoppers' cars.

We heard from the insurance repariers that the cost of the damage is more than four times what our ancient car is worth. It's a certain write off, although we will have to wait to be informed of that. The insurance call centre was non-committal on how long that would take, although he did say vagiely that it should be about 48 hours. Thankfully, when Clare rang our garagist to ask his opinion, about the possibility of him taking on the car for repair, knowing his ability to do things to the same high standard but much cheaper. But it would still be more costly than the compensation we'd get, because of the age of the car. He was able to put us in touch with someone wanting to sell a car he'd serviced for years, of a similar age, substance and price to the one we have to part with. I wonder how long we'll have to wait to get clearance to move on buying this? It is after all the season of office parties.

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