Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Being prepared

A visit to the GP surgery this morning for a couple of 'flu jabs, and a check up with the doctor to follow. It's the first time I've accepted the offer of seasonal vaccination on offer to 'vulnerable' people. I still can't get used to this referring to me, but after last year's devastating 'flu which put me in bed from Christmas Eve to New Year's Eve, I feel determined to be in a fit state to enjoy my final Christmas as Vicar at the heart of the city centre.

This evening, St John's welcomed the Cardiff Magistrates' Association for their second annual Carol service. Last year this was arranged and run by a priest among their members, but this year she was too busy with other duties, and I was asked to fill the gap. It's good that a small link between the judiciary and St John's has been renewed after several generations. Seasonal Quarter Sessions services at St John's stopped over thirty years ago. Many of the hundred participants appreciated having their own event. For St John's it's a fulfillment, not so much of that old institutional role which the Established church once occupied, but of the church's support for volunteers in public service organisations.

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