Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Sunday

There were just a couple of dozen of us in church for the Sung Eucharist, the only service today. Many regulars are still away. We had two visitors staying at the Marriott, who complained of the poor and misleading information they were given about Christmas services, on arrival Christmas Eve, with the church being descibed as a baptist church (as ever). I said that I had taken information personally to all fourteen hotels around the centre. Our vistors, from another town centre church, understood that getting infomration used properly was always a bit of a lottery. They attributed the problem to the fact that most of the hotal staff were foreign with little or no local experience or information, and even less proper training in delivering such occasional services to guests.

At a guess, half the congregation at Midnight Mass were staying in hotels, that's fifty people out of a possible several thousand occupants. I imagine St David's Cathedral might have done a lot better with hotel visitors, with or without supporting information. I really should have put some real effort into getting publicity on to the information systems of the hotels. All the staff at the welcome desks have to use computers, so little or no training is required, other than a reminder that the information is there.

Kath, Anto and Rhiannon left for home after lunch. Tomorrow they fly to Alicante to spend New Year in Sta Pola, including greeting the Three Kings arriving in style for the twelfth night fiesta. It's four degrees in Cardiff today, but twenty four degrees down there in Sta Pola.

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