Friday, December 18, 2009

Home visit

Our poor injured VW was taken away to the repairers this morning. We were warned that it is likely to be deemed a write-off, because of the low market value of the car - meaning we won't get anything like what it's worth to us, not to have to change cars before it's absolutely vital. and the car is completely worn out and. Up until the moment of impact it was completely reliable, safe to drive, with several years worth of life in it before the scrapheap beckoned. Now the cost of replacing the front suspension is likely to be as much if not more than the sale value of the car. Such a shame. We now have a few days to wait and assess our options.

After the lunchtime Eucharist and my usual washing up stint in the tea room, I was given a lift up to the valleys village to visit at home the bereaved family whose mother's funeral I am preparing for next week. I was most grateful for this lift, as it would have been exceedingly difficult to find the house first time on my own. It's the first opportunity we've had to sit down and talk together since her death. The family has really worked hard and pulled together to get to grips with the last few months of terminal illness and death. I've got to make sure that the funeral is a real positive turning point for them all, just as she wanted it to be.

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