Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Morning

I walked down for the Sung Eucharist of the day, under clear skies, with the sun rising from behind the horrible Greyfiars tower. There we no rough sleepers sheltering under the portico of the Law Courts or any outher civic building that I could see. Hopefully that means all are taken care of, and in good company somewhere locally. Just a handful of cars were parked in Edward VII ave, where they are usually hundreds, and hardly a soul in sight. Complete tranquility.

There were about fifty people in church. Several young couples brought their offspring, so it was just lovely to have the sound of children's voices in church. Just the way it should be on this day of the Holy Child. All the family came - a special pleasure for me. By the time I got home after the tidy up, lunch preparations were well advanced. After feasting sumpuously, we sat down with the Christams tree candles lit, to exchange presents, and I fell immediately to sleep, waking up an hour later to a small pile of unopened presents. Everyone else had carried on around me, and I was oblivious. Thanks heavens, not sick this year, but evidently more tired than I realised, and so grateful for all the blessings of home and family, which I know so many to be deprived of.

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