Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lines still down

A phone call from Talk Talk's CEO office in response to an email of concern I sent off last Wednesday about the problem with my sister's phone. It has taken the system that long to pass it up the line - I made the point in it that it wasn't good for a single elderly person to be a long time without a home phone, as it left them vulnerable in the event of an accident. The caller said she would make sure to ring my sister's number to ensure all had been resolved. I had rung earlier in the day and the automated voicemail was still in operation.

An hour later June rang jubilant with success, having just arrived back at Gatwick airport. She promised to call again when she got home, but I received no call, and the automated voicemail was still functioning, so the matter remains unresolved. That's now a whole week.

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