Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fresh horizons

After much inner wrestling, our family house in Pontcanna has a 'For Sale' sign outside it, and a rather nice description of it on the estate agent's website. All three of our children have lived here at different stages in their younger lives, and it was a place of refuge for us when we came home on leave from abroad, especially the last time, when I was in between jobs for six months. We've decided that we'd like a fresh start for retirement next year, and intend to down-size in a new location not too far away.

Clare has laboured long and meticulously to make the place look attractive. To judge by the number of viewers, nearly a dozen in the first week, it shouldn't be too difficult to find a buyer. It's in a popular yuppie area nowadays. I took my turn welcoming two of the three lots of viewers this afternoon, to give Clare a break. One lot see it as an attractive prospect, another sees it as a potential project to be worked on. So many different needs and tastes to be satisfied.

My in-box this afternoon contained an invitation from Tony Riches, a Council officer leading a Social Inclusion project that aims to make use of internet discussion forums and bulletin boards to engage support. The website is here.

Once it's all fully up and running, people involved in different activities will be able to subscribe, contribute, and engage in dialogue that can help to inform plans and policies. I've been enlisted to help develop a faith forum, and I'm quite thrilled about this, as I see in it the possibility furthering the aims of the Spiritual Capital project, now a year behind us. I still cherish the hope of being part of the development of wide ranging, vigorous ecumenical and inter-faith enterprise in the city.

Hopefully this is something I'll have more freedom to attend to in retirement - once we have a new place to live, once it's fit to live in and welcome people to stay in .... Hopes of this kind are so important, when your life has so centred around the job, (though not always the mission) for forty years.

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