Sunday, July 19, 2009

A day for Christenings

Two families brought their infants for baptism at this morning's Parish Eucharist, the first baptisms in more than a year. Both mothers were lawyers, and it was a happy co-incidence that they knew each other because both once worked for the same law firm. There were three times the number of regular attenders in church despite the morning being punctuated by cloudbursts.

Communicant numbers were the same as usual however, indicative of the disconnection of so many people with good-will towards the families and their religious intentions, but no desire to commit themselves to the journey of faith taken by the church. Having said that, it's marvellous that little Celeste has been in church with us regularly over the past three months, with her parents Rob and Joanne. She brings a smile to the faces of many of our older members.

I had an email from my sister June in Ulm for the weekend visiting friends. Her first solo excursion for several years. Until she left on Friday, there was still no phone connection to her flat, only a automatic voice-mail, so this was the only confirmation I'd had that she'd gone away to plan. Worrying.

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