Friday, July 31, 2009

God in the details

Preparing for the Wednesday Eucharist this week, I was much put out to find that the weekday lactionary book was missing. I searched high and low for it without success, and used the Green Book readings instead. I rang around people who had been there last Friday in my absence, but none could offer any clue to the disappearance. I spotted it on Thursday, just beforehand, lurking on top of a pile of similarly coloured hymn books on a shelf I'll swear I'd examined the day before.

After the service Mary who'd been there the previous day, popped into the sacristy and said: "There you are, God answers prayers. I could see you were bothered yesterday, so I asked God to help you find it when I said my prayers last night. I'm so glad it turned up."

She was there again on Friday, still in good form. Again after the service she popped in to the sacristy with a mischevious smile on her face. "Just thought you'd like to know I said thank you to God last night for you finding your book - "Don't mention it", He said; "It's all part of the service.""

That just made my day.

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dazzakoh said...

ahhh... it is in little messages like these that God in His own way, enters our little world and reminds us that He's still there.. Great story!