Sunday, July 12, 2009

Living with visitors

I counted ten of our regulars missing at this morning's main Eucharist, but they were replaced by at least that number of visitors, several Aussies among them, no doubt hoping for a good final day's play in the Test Match later on. Also among our visitors were the Rector of Paradise in Newfoundland, and his wife. People from all parts of the world just dropping in as they do, sometimes just to take photos and look around, sometimes to join us in prayer. The early year upturn in city visitors has been sustained, judging by the extra photocopy runs I've had to do to keep the visitor leaflet racks topped up, not only the history leaflets, but also the Christian faith enquiry leaflets - which pleases me.

The Test Match was in the end, a draw. A great launch for the new SWALEC stadium. Cardiff now has three modern sporting arenas with the capacity to draw national and international crowds. Hotels around the city are all pretty full on big event weekends. Apparently several more new hotels in city are on the drawing board. If only it was possible to improve the capacity of the road and public transport infrastructure to match. Big events may be big income earners, but the do not improve the quality of life for those who live in and around the place. Yesterday there was a fun-run in Bute Park. The public address system, was so intrusively loud in our neighbourhood, a quarter of a mile from the stage that had been erected for the purpose, that we had to turn up the radio indoors to be able to hear it properly. And this went on until well into the evening. Bigger doesn't always mean better.

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