Saturday, August 30, 2008

Musical success

It was marvellous to see and hear two Welsh choirs as finalists in the 'Last Choir Standing' show, which has generated so much public interest. My sister June has been urging me to watch for some time, and only tonight did I finally get around to it.

For local choir 'Only men aloud' to have won was a double delight. We had them for one of our charity fund raising events last year in the run-up to Christmas, and I was most impressed with their excellence and their style, if not a little surprised to see their routine with walking canes done in a church. Still, it's always good to have something top quality in church, to have people doing their very best, and giving pleasure to a large audience. Now they have the entire nation as an audience. No doubt we shall be witnessing a few more musical surprises from them too.

It's interesting, and probably an indication of the end of summer that in the past week we've had three booking enquiries about events from outside bodies in the run-up to Christmas. Already we are close to have as many extra events as we can support with our limited resources. Good to have the time to prepare well for them.

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