Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A communications opportunity

This afternoon I attended a meeting of the Countdown 2009 Communications Focus Group, which began to lay plans for a succession of monthly publicity outputs over the coming year, to draw attention to the initiatives being undertaken in a range of ways to bring the city centre redevelopment to a timely fulfilment in Autumn 2009, when all the new buildings are open and in use.

It was suggested that the Faith Focus Group take the December publicity slot.

This is quite fortuitous, and will be an opportunity for the various faith communities of the city centre to raise their public profile as contributors to the whole - something we've been asking for over several years and now it's time to deliver - a real challenge.

As the conversation evolved, my mind was spinning around the strap-line 'Celebrating the season of good-will', something nice and general that applies in a dickensian fashion to the wider general public, not just to members of faith communities. But what we are able to do is give a bit more substance than sentiment to the idea.

It will be up to us to devise a programme of events that span our organisations under a common banner, through the month. I would also like to see the forerunner of piece of publicity, maybe a modest exhibition which showcases the 'offer' made by city centre churches. One way or another this is likely to keep me busy having ideas and prodding others to deliver to time ... hmm, three months to December by my reckoning.

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