Sunday, August 03, 2008

Eisteddfod Sunday

When I got home from church this morning, Archbishop Barry was on Radio Cymru, preaching at the ecumenical eisteddfod service, fresh back from Lambeth. The Western Mail published the English translation of his address in the centrefold of yesterday's edition, which is much to be appreciated. His Welsh speaking is very clear and easy to follow, especially if you've read the English and have the gist of it. Clare was over on the Maes practicing for some event she was singing at, and Artie had gone off with a friend on a visit to the Llynfi and Neath Valleys, so I was left to cook myself a pasta lunch and enjoy listening to the Boss, and wondering what he and the other Bishops had made of the Lambeth experience.

After four services during the day, I didn't fancy trekking over to the Maes for the evening's Gymanfa Ganu, so we watched it on telly instead (with subtitles) - a most impressive event it was too. One of the hymns had been written by Y Parch Denzil John, Minister of Tabernacl, just down the street from us at St John's. He was called out by the conductor to be congratulated, along with the composer of the new hymn tune used with it. A very good piece of work indeed.
And a neat example of the meaning of Spiritual Capital in our context.

Reflecting on the research project work recently completed. Although we referred to the whole Welsh church cultural scene in Cardiff, it's apity we didn't go into it in any depth. Cardiff's Welsh chapels are still real cultural powerhouses and centres of excellence, and the Capital's music scene is very well represented at the Eisteddfod.

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