Monday, August 04, 2008

Communicating what?

I heard a bit of a moan earlier about the lack of information available at Cardiff Central Station, to direct travellers to the Eisteddfod. Before returning home I went there to check the facts. Sure enough there was one poster with sufficient information opposite the main ticket barrier exit, just a bit bigger than a news billboard - but none by the other two exits to the main entrance hall.

Outside, on the perimeter fence, either side of the passageway through the bus station a copy of the same poster was displayed, with an additional poster each side with supporting directions to the appropriate bus stops. Well and good, except that all displays were English only. No bi-lingual signs, nothing with the Eisteddfod logo on it. None of the colour displays associated with the Cardiff Festival, just plain English, black and white.

Funny, I thought bi-lingualism was not only part of our culture here in the Capital city, but also a legal requirement. What a welcome to Cardiff! What a poor impression of civic pride in ownership towards one of Europe's largest and oldest cultural festivals. The city centre developers (from London) are doing better than that these days, keeping the world in the picture. This is not exactly what you'd expect from a self confident world class city.

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